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03/28/17 – Nighthawks with Ian Sweet and Lala Lala

01/14/17 – Jack Rabbits with Faze Wave, The Gumps and Lady Valore

10/29/16 – 1904 Music Hall with Spartina Band and Lucio Rubino

12/18/15 – Jack Rabbits with Blue Shadows, Weekend Atlas and Fernway

11/09/15 – Jack Rabbits with Lovedrug and The New Travelers

09/27/15 – Across The Street with Higher Ground, Lee Blake, Jstreet, Earth To Atom,                           Bill Ricci, Ancient of Daze, Community Cervix, Amiic, Honey Chamber,                               Minor Influence and Justice JPhi

Band Hiatus

12/19/14 – Freebird with Worth Road, Caiti Patton and The Blank Canvas

07/21/13 – Burro Bar

07/14/13 – Burro Bar

07/12/13 – Tir Na Nog (Daytona Beach, FL)

03/03/12 – Thief in the Knight Gallery