Sometimes During the Winter

Beauty, is all around me
So I try, to fly above the sheets
With a, pillow made of cotton
For you, to softly lay your head on

Hey Babe, It’s about 8:50 – Right now. I’ve missed you so much lately –
That I haven’t been quite sure – how to express it.
I’m hoping that this letter will help me with that matter.

I think it’s true when they say – “You don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it.”
You’ve been gone roughly – 3 weeks and I’d swear –
To the face of God that it’s been a year.

Everyday seems like a week. – Time with you and time spent without you –
Must be measured –
By different devices.

Such as your face and your eyes and your laugh and your cries,
And your skin and your voice and your smile,
And your touch and your hands and your look and your gaze.

It’s your lips and your tears and your frown and your fears,
And your hair and your smell and your smile,
It’s that thing that I can’t put my finger on

I can’t help but be caught without a – precious word to say.
Nothing seems to convey – what I want to, – what I need to.
There’s nothing that I need more than – you right now (you right now ←echo)…
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to – hear you – knock on my front door…
My front door…