Band Biography

EDENFIELDbased in Jacksonville, FL, is a Rock/Indie Pop band of many styles, all of which shine through in their unique sound. They infuse rock, pop and indie music seamlessly, to create a feel all their own. Imagine a decaffeinated version of love, with an upbeat mix of Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie. The group’s four members were brought together in the summer of 2015, each bringing their own musical influences into their own personal melting pot of creativity.

Lead Singer and Rhythm guitarist Adam Christiansen is the voice of the band, adding wit and emotion to each song. Drummer and Percussionist Daniel Hastings brings forth a pounding backbone, providing the building blocks of rhythm for the band. Lead Guitarist Ryan Daugherty puts up an impassive front, even while laying out monster riffs, making it look all too easy. Bass player Matt Duncan pumps out thick bass lines contained with invention, adding another piece of the strong rhythm section. Keyboards provide subtle, yet vital shades to each of the bands songs.

Edenfield’s music includes soulful lyrics, powerful rhythms and deft guitar artistry which combine to create catchy songs with great mass appeal. “For No One But Us” and “February Planes” are both perfect examples of heartfelt ballads which steadily build up to poignant conclusions. With songs such as “Standard Insurance”, the band shows another side of themselves, showcasing a fast paced rhythm and cutting lyrics that are prevalent throughout. Influences such as Oasis, Dashboard Confessional, Tori Amos and Radiohead can be found in their creative interplay.

Edenfield has played many venues in and around Jacksonville, with national bands like Lovedrug, Army of Me, The Bed Destroyers and Allele. A few of their accomplishments include winning a Battle of the Bands at Jackrabbits, headlining multiple times at the Art Bar, and being interviewed by Amy Taylor of the Entertaining U newspaper, who said that Adam, “can belt out a note like the best of them, without sounding pretentious or formulaic”. The band is constantly evolving their sound and is looking to expand their musical following even further.

Edenfield has recorded songs at Vision Sound Studios with the help of Terry Case, associated with Sony BMG Records and Lucien “Luke” Walker, associated with Virgin Records. Edenfield is currently putting together songs to record and create their second full length album.